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What is CBQZ?

CBQZ, or Christian Bible Quizzing, is a site dedicated to providing tools and resources to support Christian Bible Quizzing in various forms worldwide. The goal of this site is to provide:

CBQZ Bible Quizzing Application

The CBQZ Bible Quizzing Application is a public resource developed, operated, and maintained entirely by volunteers for the purposes of supporting and encouraging Bible quizzing.

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Bible Quizzing Materials

The following Bible Quizzing materials are made available directly from links below. Note that the data found herein is more easily accessible and usable from within the CBQZ application.

2020-2021 CMA PNW Matthew

Reference Material: HTML PDF DOCX XLSX
Key Verses List: HTML PDF

2019-2020 CMA PNW Hebrews Peter

Reference Material: HTML PDF DOCX
Key Verses List: PDF DOCX

2018-2019 CMA PNW John

Reference Material: HTML PDF DOCX XLSX
Key Verses List: PDF DOCX

2017-2018 CMA PNW Corinthians

Reference Material: HTML PDF DOCX XLSX

Inside Quizzing Podcast

The "Inside Quizzing" podcast is a more-or-less weekly podcast from quizmasters Gryphon Shafer and Scott Peterson. Each week, these two will discuss quizzing topics, details about the memorization material on a typical quiz season schedule, and anything else they find interesting related to Bible quizzing.

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